Our customers are

RAMP is built in a way that allows easy deployment in cooperation with your existing legacy systems

Our typical customers are large and midsize enterprises and government offices that want to leverage cutting edge technology to transform their operations. A company of any size can utilize RAMP and benefit from it but the more complex your data is and the more complex your operations are, the more benefit there is to get from using RAMP. RAMP is built in a way that allows easy deployment in cooperation with your existing legacy systems. You don’t need to jump into cloud computing space from traditional infrastructure and never look back. The shift is made easy for you and it happens in parallel with your existing systems.

About Our customers

RAMP is flexible and customizable allowing you to get the platform that best suits your needs, in a stepwise transition that makes the adoption of new technology comfortable and easy. RAMP is OPEX priced which allows a quick and easy start with any kind of budget available. New features and functionalities can be added at will, so the platform becomes an ever enhancing business intelligence unit for your company. The typical development cycle of a RAMP project is presented below.


Government Offices





Evaluation of current situation & data available. Identifying and understanding the important aspects and relations.


Designing problem specific use cases and dataset views. Aiming for concrete benefits and quick wins.


Data Ingestion, data lake formation, easy deployment, customer specific software customization.

Test & Use

Rollout of the platform for testing and using. Teaching and listening feedback from the users.


Continuous improvement. Add more features as new data points come available or new use cases become needed.